You know what I miss?

2 July 2010

The Wayans Brothers! I remember when I was young, I used to crack the crack up everytime I watched that show.. Too bad they only have Season 1 available on DVD… which I bought and watched is 2 days.

But I think there’s a deeper issue to my missing Wayans Brothers.. It’s not just the Wayans Brothers I miss. It’s black sitcoms. I remember watching Family Matters, Sister Sisters, Steve Harvey Show, Jamie Foxx Show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air growing up..  Now, it’s .. uh.. idk. The closest thing now to a black sitcom besides My Wife and Kids is probably Darryl the Warehouse guy from the Office. Where’d they all go?! Maybe I’m just missing the new ones?

Either way, I’m definitely missing something and my only remedy right now is to give Are We There Yet a try.


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